opel connect - new way to stay connected and secure on the road

Our Services Include:

Line Navigation – stay focused on the fun of driving while having the latest traffic information. Free of charge for 3 years!
Vehicle Status & Information – monitors the condition of your vehicle and informs you and your dealer of any issues detected – for a new carefree driving experience. Completely free of charge!
Road Safety Alerts – real-time updates about danger zones and potential issues on your road
And many more!
Activate the connected services now and benefit from carefree driving:

Download the myOpel APP and log in to your myOpel account.
Select a preferred dealer in your myOpel account – the one who should be informed about any safety issues in your car (for vehicle status & Information service)
Navigate to the OpelConnect store (connect.opel.ie) and activate the services available for your vehicle. It might take a few days before the services will be activated.
In your vehicle, deactivate the privacy mode to enable the transmission of diagnostic & maintenance and geolocation data to enable the functionality of connected services.
For more information on how it works or how to get started go to Opel Connect Store (connect.opel.ie).